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How Does the World See You?

Most business transactions these days begin with the consumer sitting down at a keyboard in their home or office.

As a result, your first point of contact with most potential clients is the image you project on the web.

Luckily, Keller Williams provides a website for each of it’s agents, giving you an instant Internet presence right out of the box.

It looks a little something like this;

Before Homepage

The downside is that while the EAgentC website is functional, it’s not very appealing to the eye.

In fact, it’s ugly.


Worse yet, the canned content and static layout don’t do a thing to differentiate you from the hundreds of other search results that the typical shopper will be inundated with.


Your virtual front door needs to project professionalism, a sense of dedication to your craft, and an attention to detail that will show visitors to your website that you are not just another real estate agent.

Something a little more like this;


After Homepage


Lucky for you- that’s what we do.